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Cure A Headache


My name is Ray and I have suffered from headaches for more years than I can remember. I don’t know how you found this site but if you want Headache and Migraine Relief then you’re in the right place.

I know how debilitating a headache can be. Even a dull persistent headache can interfere with work, relationships, exercise and recreation. There are times when you would rather be on your own and yet you still have to keep going.

And of course, if your headache is bad enough, it means time off work. But of course if you have young children life still has to go on and unless your partner can get time off you just pop another pill and keep going.

Unfortunately years of drug taking can cause damage to organs such as your liver and kidneys. I have taken far too many pain killers to treat headaches which has resulted in some abnormal liver function results. The upshot of this is that I can only occasionally have a glass of wine and although I have never been a heavy drinker it would be nice to have more than one glass every month or so.

What I have recently discovered is that a large proportion of headaches are stress or tension headaches which can be treated by natural means without resorting to pain killers. I wish I had found this out many years ago.

What surprised me was that we often fail to recognize the stress that we are under which can manifest as headache back of head through to the back of the eyes. While some headaches may be hormonal or food related, chances are that stress and tension is a large factor in a high proportion of headaches.

Please enjoy your visit to this site and I am sure that you find the answers on how to Cure A Headache