How To Treat Migraine and Frequent Headache

Would you like to get rid of your recurring migraines and headaches? I can hear you saying “are you kidding?”.

Migraine headaches are the most disabilitating headache anyone can suffer and are such an interruption to daily life. Your family time suffers, your work life suffers, your recreational life suffers – generally life just sucks!

I am not a Doctor or health professional but someone who has suffered from forms of migraine headache and have loved ones who have suffered from severe migraine and know what you are going through.

I’ve created this article to give you a better understanding of what’s happening to you and offer you an all natural solution to migraine and frequent headaches.

Migraine Symptoms:

Symptoms can vary from person to person but the most common is “pain in the head”. Pain so severe that all you can do is lay down in a darkened room and hope that it goes away. And not everyone experiences pain in the same region of the head.

Symptoms can also include:

Nausea, stomach pain or upset, vomiting
Temporary loss of vision
Sensitivity to light
Sensitivity to smells like cooking, food, strong perfume…
Tirednesss and fatigue
No desire for food
Being hot or cold
Pale skin

While these are the most common symptoms, not everyone suffers from all or everyone of them and some people may have different ones or only one.

Migraine Aura:

It is believed tha around 25% to 30% of suffers experience a migraine aura before the onset of a migraine.

It might consist of:
Flashing lights
Vision becoming blurred
Smells or odors
Feeling that a breeze is blowing on you
Bright lights
Zig zag lines

I have in the past, suffered from zig zag lines in my vision and my Doctor explained that it was typical of migraine headache onset, except in my case I am fortunate that I didn’t get the headache. I usually find that it happened if I was tired or stressed and my solution was to sit quietly, or, preferably lay down and it passed within an hour or less.

Migraine Causes:

Migraine triggers vary from person to person but they generally fit into one of three catergories:

Emotional such as anxiety and stress
Physical like overexertion, lack of sleep, dehydration
Food and the wrong kind of diet

Migraine Medication:

As I said at the outset, “I am not a Doctor or Health Professional” and therefore am not qualified to give you any advice in this area. There are many medications used to treat headache and your “Health Professional” is the person to consult in this regard.

Migraine Treatment:

I promised you at the beginning of this article that I would offer you an all natural method that eliminates both migraine and frequent headaches.

A health researcher, Christian Goodman, has discovered one single trigger that he says is more powerful than all others and that is “Oxygen Deprivation.” He explains that the “…veins and cells around your brain become swollen up when you brain gets to…the point of oxygen deprivation.”

You can of course have oxygen therapy where you breathe oxygen from a tank but that becomes expensive and restricts your ability to move around.

What Christian offers is a simple program to Train Your Body To Breathe Deeper and simple exercises to relieve tension and balance your body.

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